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Organic and Inorganic Fertilizer From Chinese Factory

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introduced international most advanced of high activity rot plant acid River collection technology production of new fertilizer, set organic, and inorganic, and function bacteria Yu one, has nutrition full, and effect high, can enhanced crop resistance sex, and drought sex, promote early, achieved quality, and high yield, and yangdi both, excellence effect.

Comprehensive nutrients, fertilizer over imagination. The fertilizer used high activity rot plant acid River collection technology, effective reduced has soil on p of fixed, and water-soluble potassium of got lost, increased nitrogen of sustained release sex, greatly improve has nitrogen, and p, and potassium of utilization; while cracked nutrient Zhijian of antagonistic anti-role, improve has added zinc, and calcium, and manganese, and MO, and magnesium, and boron, in the trace elements of activity and effectiveness, for crop provides full nutrition, effect Super imagine.

1. Effectively solve some serious problems, such as, acidulated and hardened soil which caused by to chemical fertilizers or pesticides, declined soil fertility, worse taste of crop, excessive pesticide residues and more.
2. Our fertilizers is including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium-rich, also including amino acids, proteins and various trace elements. It can improve the structure of soil nutrients, promote microbial reproduction, providing soil fertility to promote healthy growth of plants.
3. After you continuously use it, the soil will have more loose voids, so the root will be easy to extend, improve the soil structure, air permeability, water permeability, water retention, fertility preserving capability.
4. Is the production of pollution-free food, green fertilizer of choice.

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